Mobile tire repair – Calgary
There’s no doubt a flat tire is a big inconvenience. As you try to determine what to do, it’s important to understand the situation you’re dealing with. Every flat tire is unique, and at Tire Doctors, we’re glad to help you take the best action for your vehicle. Our mobile tire service comes to you, ensuring you don’t get stranded. Let us take care of you! Tire Doctors are the most trusted for mobile tire repair Calgary.

Can my flat tire be repaired?

When assessing whether your tire is fixable or not, there are a few key things to think about so that you arrive at the correct assessment. Below is a list of items to consider.

  • Puncture Width
    It’s pretty common for flat tires to be the results of punctures. If your tire has been punctured in the tread by a small object such as a nail, repair is possible. We need the puncture to be less than ¼ inch in diameter in order to make effective repairs. When we examine your flat tire, we’ll check to make sure the puncture isn’t so large that it would make more sense to replace the tire completely. We’re dedicated to ensuring you only pay for what you need!
  • Puncture Location
    If a puncture happens in the tire tread, there’s a good chance we can work with it. However, if your tire has a puncture in the shoulder or sidewall, it has to be replaced. The sides of your tires play a crucial role in the overall stability of your vehicle, and if they’re compromised, it can put you in a dangerous situation. We always put safety first!
  • Timely Repair
    Tires are made to be inflated and damage free. Once the system is compromised, the tires can break down in more ways than one. The damage can extend to the wheel rims if they’re bearing your vehicle’s weight, and that just makes repairs more expensive. That’s why it’s so important to address flats quickly. It saves you time and money. Let us help make that happen!
  • Multiple Punctures
    If your tire has sustained multiple punctures, we’ll start measuring how far apart they are. Punctures must be at least 16 inches apart in order to be repaired. Otherwise, the tire is compromised, and you don’t want to be driving on it. The good news is, multiple punctures doesn’t always mean paying for a new tire. Our specialists will carefully assess your tire and make sure you understand everything we find so you understand our recommendations.

Tire Doctors is Calgary’s most trusted tire repair team because we’re rooted in years of experience. Best of all, we come to you. With us on the job, there’s no such thing as a stranded motorist. Rain, shine, sleet, or snow, we’ll make our way to you and get you rolling again. Choose us for top-notch tire repair today.

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